U.S. Marines Vol. 2 CD

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Original aus den USA 48 minutes of Spirit, Tradition and Motivation

CD Original aus den USA



  1. I am Marine Corps Infantry
  2. I used to Sit at Home all Day
  3. I Love to Double Time
  4. Got to Keep on Rolling
  5. If I Die, Bury Me Deep
  6. Recon/Up from a Sub 60 Feet below
  7. Ain't No Use in Looking Down
  8. We Run through the Jungle with our M-16s
  9. Here We Go
  10. Everywhere We Go
  11. We're the Boys from DI School
  12. Mad Dog / My Grandma was 92
  13. Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley, Have You Heard?
  14. Mad Dog II / Out of the Sky in the Middle of the NIght
  15. Hey That Jody Boy
  16. Navy, Navy, I'm in Doubt
  17. 1,2,3,4 United States Marine Corps!
  18. Drilling, Drillig, Drilling


  1. Double Time!
  2. Mission Top Secret, Destination Unknown
  3. Suzy said, 'Don't Join the Corps"
  4. Give Me that Old Marine Corps Spirit
  5. My Grandaddy Was a Horse Marine
  6. Up in the Morning With the Drizzling Rain
  7. Tarzan and Jane Swingin' on a Vine
  8. C-130 Rollin' Down the Strip
  9. My Marine Corps Colors
  10. Born in the Woods, Raised by a Bear
  11. Everywhere We Go II
  12. Hard Corps
  13. Mamma and Papa Were Layin' in Bed
  14. They Wann Wear the Red and Gold
  15. Fired Up...Feels Good